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    Heir to the Queen

    Cleveland’s Celebration Cruise

    From the crew behind the Nautica Queen comes Northeast Ohio’s premiere dining cruise with stunning views.

    About the Lady

    Her Name

    Brought to you by Jacobs Entertainment, Inc., Lady Caroline’s name is a tribute to the Jacobs Family’s positive impact on Northeast Ohio. Their long history of community investment has had a lasting impact on the quality of life for many of its residents. The ship’s name is a nod to Jeff Jacobs’ daughter, Caroline, who shares her father’s passion for making a difference.

    “Lady Caroline was designed and named to celebrate the next generation of changemakers in Northeast Ohio. We hope it inspires many to see our beloved hometown’s promise”

    Jeff Jacobs, CEO of Jacobs Entertainment, Inc.

    The Ship

    Lady Caroline is a four-deck, 120-foot-long ship featuring more than 15,000 square feet for passengers to enjoy. Three of her decks are fully enclosed and climate controlled. The sky deck features a covered bar and open views for sweeping panoramic sightseeing.

    Lady Caroline illustration
    Lady Caroline Captain Jim Dale

    Her Crew

    Captain Jim Dale

    The longtime mariner previously sailed with Nautica Queen for a decade. Captain Dale’s dedication to service may only be eclipsed by his passion for cruising. He grew up on the water right here in Cleveland, boating with his parents from a young age. In addition to the opportunity to give a Clevelanders a new perspective of The Land, Captain Dale relishes his days on Lake Erie’s waters